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Shaman House Cleaning

My sister set up this Shaman cleansing for our home. She had heard about it and did it for her home and thought why not? Couldn't hurt. We welcome blessings from anyone. Mariah and I are to both be present, and actually the animals too. It was wonderful and pretty different.

Balance Toe, the main dude, in all of his 6'5"-ness and long hair with rainbow tunic, was very kind and Rosie & Winston took to him right away. The "hot Shaman juniors" as Mariah referred to them were good looking and probably in their early 20s. A medicine wheel was set up with a crystal and stones over a largish yellow piece of leather. The sprayed essential oils, stones, didgeridoo sounds (which initially frightened the dogs) and feather tapping all seemed to add to the calming, peaceful overall effect. We were to think about gratitude the whole time. A stone was placed in each corner of our home, and we were given a bit of redwood and another type of stone taken from the center of the set up medicine wheel where the big crystal was in the living room.

Their energy was kind, loving, genuine. After the didgeridoo was directed at each of us toward the end of the ceremony, we were asked if any visions came up. Mariah had something of nature and I had one where I was laying peacefully while the sun was washing over me with nature all around. I also imagined myself dancing from time to time. Then an image popped in I didn't share until a bit later on. A version of myself, at least she kind of looked like me, was dancing in an ancient tribe-like way over me while I was laying in the sun. She was chanting what we were told to chant before the 2nd phase of the didgeridoo started which was "I am love, I am safe, I am protected." Pretty trippy, huh?

Before leaving, Balance Toe told me to hold out my hands tonight and think about what I want to do and start it. Then put my hands to my heart. That will ensure healing.

They refused to take any tip saying we had already been taken care of.

If interested, Balance Toe and his peeps are traveling the states -

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